It’s Sakura Camera Sling! (English)

Sakura Camera Sling has everything you want! Functional, comfortable, and looks lovely! You’ve never seen anything like this, have you?


Feel the difference in camera weight!

Soft and wide scarf-like sling distributes the weight of your camera to reduce the load on your neck and shoulders. Especially if you open the sling on your shoulders, you will be surprised at the difference in weght.


Two pockets!
One is zippered, the other is open.
Put your important things in the zippered pocket,
immediate things like a lens cleaning cloth in the open pocket,.


Wrap up your camera for protection.

You can wrap up your camera to put in a bag and protect from scratches and dents.


Nice and soft like a scarf

it’s made of anti-static fabric.


Brass Double Ring CURA

For the joint of the camera and the sling, we put a brass double ring made by CURA. CURA’s craftsperson hand-polishes it for 48 hours to make it smooth, and the ring scarcely has any burrs to damage fabric or the camera.


・Though it features a protective function, it does not have shock-absorbing properties.
・Please be careful not to drop things from the open pocket.
・We are not responsible for any damage to a camera caused by dropping.
・The fabric is basically fade resistant, though sweat or rain may cause loss of colors.
・If fabric gets a hole or deteriorates, please stop using it.
・The brass ring may cause a scratch on a camera, depending on the camera model, please use a protective cover, such as leather.
・Please do not iron the buckle, brass ring, or their surrounding cloth, as it may cause damage or a burn injury.
・Hand Wash Only


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Sakura Sugiyama


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